SP Urban Digital Festival: call for proposals!

Call! Call! Call!

The first SP URBAN was created in 2012 with aims of expanding the concept of electronic art in the merge of architecture, art and media and creating a new channel for artistic and cultural dissemination in the city of São Paulo.

The festival emerges as a living organism in the middle of São Paulo’s urban scene in which national and international artists explore intrinsic relations between the metropolis and its inhabitants and artistic expressions with new technologies.

The third edition of Digital SP_Urban Festival explores the theme DIGITAL AFTERIMAGE. An afterimage is an optical illusion of what continues to appear in people’s vision and mind after the original “image” has ceased.


call for proposals for the third SP Urban Digital Festival in Sao Paulo, taking place on the SESI Digital Gallery on Paulista Avenue (three-sided media facade) and on temporary screens on a public square in front of it.

The festival is taking place November 3-30, 2014, and produced by Verve Cultural.

Note the deadline for proposals is July 23.


www.spurban.com.br www.youtube.com/user/VerveCultural?feature=watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0fLVlqSfYY